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Listening to your inner guidance and forging your own path with Pip Edwards

Tory Archbold Interviewing Pip Edwards

Today I am chatting with Pip Edwards who co-founded the fashion brand, P.E Nation. I have known Pip for many years and have seen her go from strength to strength in the fashion industry and deliver global impact. 


She truly embodies who she is unapologetically, and has developed such a powerful connection to her intuition shaping the impressive trajectory of her career.


Pip shares with us her professional journey which started working in a traditional corporate world for PricewaterhouseCoopers and how she felt pulled towards a creative career and took a powerful step forward by believing in herself and leaving behind the expectations others had placed on her. 


She was always interested in fashion, always a free and creative spirit and the more she listened to herself, the more she realised she needed to take a powerful step into her creative path and destiny.


After many years working in the retail and fashion industry for other brands, Pip started her own brand P.E Nation with Co-Founder Claire Tregoning in 2016  which has experienced year on year growth and a global reputation with the who’s who of influencers who regularly endorse the brand on their social feeds. The brand is fun, vibrant, unique and the truest expression of who Pip is. 


By trusting her gut instinct and being true to the kind of life Pip wanted to lead, she was able to cut through the noise of those around her, and step into her Power Zone wholeheartedly.


Pip shares her challenges when running a company as a single parent and how she overcame that pressure and feeling of judgement from others.  


She is such an incredible and inspirational entrepreneur who has followed her own path and lived her life authentically in alignment with her values and energy. 


I am honoured to be able to bring this conversation to you. Sit back and soak up all the creative energy, and get inspired to forge your own path!

Topics Discussed

[1:26]: Pip shares her journey on leaving PricewaterhouseCoopers and how following her path of authenticity has contributed to who she is in her brand P.E Nation. 


[3:17]: Pip discusses the sense of freedom leaving the corporate world and moving into a creative space. 


[4:40]: When you are in alignment with who you are and how you feel, you are unstoppable. 


[6:00]: Pip discusses being a single mother and how she has always put her son first. The pressure can be overwhelming when running a business and being a single parent. 


[9:20]: Pip shares how she used to feel judged as a single parent and can’t always be present at school for her son while she is working. 


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[11:06]: Pip discusses her routine for success. Staying present in her body and staying connected to her gut. She knows what she wants and what makes her happy. 


[13:06]: Pip has been brought up with Astrology and she discusses how she can read energies in a room. 


[14:16]: You have to learn from mistakes. You can get around any problem and find the solution. 


[15:19]: The most important tools for letting go are your mindset and acceptance. If we didn’t have problems, we wouldn’t progress. 


[16:08]: Pip on tackling the American market. Social media is the number one key for tapping into relationships in America. Hopefully next year! 


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