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In today’s virtual world, I know it can be hard to be visible amongst so much competition. I’m here to show you how to rise above the noise, and achieve real results. I’m here to teach you how to own your power, build your confidence and be supported by a high vibrational network of women.

The Brand Power Masterclass takes place over 6 powerful weeks where you will uncover your unique story, build your digital footprint and online presence, step into alignment and make lasting impact.

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Navigating an identity crisis

Tory Archbold

Powerful Stories Podcast

There is a reason why Tory Archbold is one of the most powerful and connected women in Australia. As CEO and Founder of Powerful Steps, host of podcast Powerful Stories and founder of brand and communications agency Torstar, it comes as no surprise that Tory has met some of the world’s most influential celebrities, entrepreneurs, and CEO’s.

Tory connects weekly with her podcast Powerful Stories, where she shares her tips and tricks for living a more powerful life. Tory has interviewed over 100 guests including award winning journalist Melissa Doyle, actress Danielle Cormack, designer Camilla Franks and confidence queen Erika Cramer.

‘One of Australia’s top female entrepreneurs and CEOs’


Other Podcasts

These are the 5 ways you can work with Tory


Business Attraction Program

In this 8 week program you will have the opportunity to partner with like-minded female entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to create a stand out personal and professional brand.

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Confidence to Pitch

Do you ever wonder why the same people consistently appear in the media and have a standout brand SEO?

It’s truly simple.

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Mentoring Program

I promise to show you how to own your power by taking ownership of your life journey.  Let’s take a powerful step forward to attract what you truly deserve.

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Empowering You Photoshoot

Every woman who has invested in herself has seen a 3X increase of opportunities landing in her inbox per week.

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Empowering Corporate Keynote

One hour keynote presentations on the Power of Connection + Stepping Into Your Powerzone have been booked by Optus, Lend Lease and Salesforce to empower teams.

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Powerful Stories

I love helping women discover their own power—and ensuring they can be discovered by others, too.

I am woman, hear me roar. Thank you for unleashing this within me with your powerful steps.

Erica KingEntrepreneur, Motivator

Tory has an amazing ability to bring out the best in you. She gave me the confidence to step into my power and to lead with confidence and strength. There is no better time to reach your potential and be your best.

Sarah HoganMarketing and Client Relations Director, MPA

I needed someone who could help me with ‘brand me’—I can do that for others, but I was struggling to do it for myself.

Naomi WhiteLeadership Consultant, naomi-white.com

I wanted clarity, so I could feel inspired to show up and serve my tribe every day.

Elizabeth VagianosCEO, thelovekick.com

Our sessions provided me with immense clarity over the tangible steps that I needed to take to be recognised as a thought leader.

Dr Kristy Goodwin