I’m Tory

I know that just as our stories have the power to shape us, we have the power to shape our stories.

When I first started my business, I had no media contacts. But with passion, integrity and delivery, I turned Torstar into Australia’s top brand communications agency.

These values, and the power of connection, were what enabled me to create success in business. I was the go-to agency for top performing global retail brands entering the Australian market, and for those Australian brands launching internationally. From Zara to Nespresso to Seafolly and Victoria’s Secret, world-class brands were my bread-and butter; celebrities and influencers were my friends.

At work I had 22 staff and at times two executive assistants. Why? Because I was a single mum running a global business. I did everything within my power to live the life that I, and my daughter, deserved.

But a near-death experience forced me to reevaluate what that was—and I realised it was time to reshape our story. Channeling my inner power and self worth, I invested in my health and happiness. I stripped things back and put myself first. That meant making more time for my daughter, more time for myself, and eventually, more time for love.

I was determined to live my best life. Now I want to help you live yours. I believe in the power of you. I want to work with you, to share some of what I’ve learned—how to become a successful CEO, entrepreneur and influencer; and how you can live the life you truly deserve.

On this site you’ll find tools and content to help guide your journey. I can’t wait to hear your story.

Full of passion and creativity, Tory Archbold is a PR powerhouse who is much loved and widely respected in the industry. Having had a successful career herself, she is perfectly placed to help women embrace their own super powers and build their personal profiles.

Robyn FoysterCEO, Director, Foyster Media