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The power of connection is what makes the world go around – just ask anyone in our thriving community who had the courage to own their story and share it with others to authentically triple their profits and double their social reach through my secret formula to building a powerful global network with 3 coffee dates a week.

Each week I open up my little black (coffee) book of global contacts for the Powerful Stories podcast, for those in our programs and YOU (because you signed up for this challenge!). I share how to lean into others to learn, grow and evolve.

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My unique formula for building a global network, with three coffee dates a week.

One within in my network

Who is the most valuable person in your network that you can connect with to take your next powerful step? Connect to share ideas, collaborate and partner.

One with a potential partner

Reach out through professional connections to potential partners. Be creative; your potential partner might come from a surprising place. A coffee date at Bambini Trust, Sydney is how I launched a successful brand partnership with Business Australia.

One outside of my comfort zone

It’s time to be brave. Pick up the phone. Leverage email, LinkedIn, or request an introduction from a mutual contact (this gives you credibility). It’s how authentic professional connections are made. A coffee date in LA  with an agency partner is how I connected to Drew Barrymore to launch her Flower Beauty brand in Australia.

Meet Yasmin London

Executive Director, ySafe

How did you discover Tory and connect with her for a coffee date?

In true 21st century style, Tory and I connected on Instagram. Insta has always been a great way to get a feel for people by watching what they get up to in their day to day, and I’m always on the lookout for inspiring women who are on a mission to change the world. I loved Tory’s journey, strength and discussion on stepping outside comfort zones, and its place in helping women understand the true power of connection. We essentially slid into each other’s DM’s and started a conversation about our joint passion to empower the next generation of women. Being in the online safety space, Tory also shared some past experiences she had seen and had in the online environment, and we decided to collaborate at any opportunity we could to help others.

You didn’t know each other, what was your first impression?

Like many I saw Tory’s backstory – a flashy PR role working with celebs and global brands. There was obviously a lot of social cred there, but I actually loved Tory’s combination of business acumen, her giving nature and her unapologetic belief in the spiritual side of success and the laws of attraction. Being a super attractor, the power of positive thinking and belief in the universe delivering what you are destined for is a risky way of putting yourself out there amongst the naysayers of the corporate business world. I love authenticity like that, and being true to yourself by standing steadfast in your belief that what is for you will never pass you by. I believe the same.

What was your next powerful step following this coffee date?

Tory and I stayed in touch and shared ideas over more coffee dates, calls and shout outs to each other. We discussed strategies for success and weren’t afraid to throw each other’s names forward for opportunities that we came by. I love being around women like Tory who truly epitomizes the concept many others fear – that your light doesn’t dim when you ignite anothers flame. It’s a value I live by, and I was happy to find a kindred spirit that wanted me to succeed, just as much as I wanted her to.

How have you both helped each other since that first meeting?

We have thrown each other’s hat in the ring for a heap of opportunities, discussed strategies for success, and I’ve even had the privilege of working with Tory’s daughter Bella with my online safety work. I loved sharing my story on her Powerful Steps Podcast, and knowing that we are both always actively looking for ways to propel each other forward because we are part of a unique tribe.

Would you recommend the Powerful steps #coffeechallnge to others?

Absolutely. Tory and the women she surrounds herself with are about thinking big, leveling up and ultimately sharing the story of connection, bravery and success with the heart centered mission to help others. The power of a network like this can’t be understated, especially when that network is people aligned to the same values as you are, who want to see you succeed and who will actually be proactive in helping you achieve your goals. We all know your vibe attracts your tribe, it’s just up to you to decide what type of coffee you’ll order.

I always struggled as a sole practitioner to have a team of people around me daily, the formula and commitment of the coffee challenge has transformed my life by connecting me to like minded business owners globally who have broadened my community of clientele and friendships

Josephine ZappiaHolistic Health Expert

THANK YOU to Tory Archbold founder of @powerfulsteps and business coach extraordinaire for introducing me to the power of coffee dates and giving me the opportunity to step into my power zone.

Philippa Aslanis