Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone and into your power zone?

In this 8 week program you will have the opportunity to partner with like-minded female entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to create a stand out personal and professional brand.

A powerful brand that attracts what you truly deserve by understanding the power of strategic story telling, global connection, digital marketing and the art of manifesting your intent and purpose to live your dream life.⁠⁠

I like to work 1:1 with everyone in this program to ensure their professional intent and purpose becomes reality.

Next Business Attraction Program starting 16 March 2021.

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Let's take a powerful step together

Often referred to as a Global PR Powerhouse, Tory Archbold built the foundation of her brand communication agency TORSTAR on her non-negotiable value set of passion, integrity and delivery attracting the world’s top performing retail brands, celebrities and influencers as clients.

On average these clients partnered with her for 8+ years where she had the opportunity to triple their success and prepare them for M & A deals.

Are you ready to nurture your brand, and your spirit?

Hosted by Tory Archbold, the Powerful Steps

Eight Week Business Attraction Program includes:


2 one-on-one mentoring sessions

I mentor successful women around the world, helping them turn their power into a superpower business. Drawing on my brand expertise and experience as an entrepreneur and CEO, I offer a blend of practical and spiritual support to empower both you and your business


5 group webinars

Where you’ll discover how to Step into your Power, Become a super attractor, Attain visibility in a virtual world, and Build your Global Tribe. I’ll also share the Power of storytelling and importance of creating Compelling content.


1 dream delivery

Where are you now, and where do you want to be in five years time? My Dream Delivery meditation will help you work with intent and purpose to understand that your dreams will become reality when you understand the powerful steps that will attract success naturally along your life journey.


2 group webinars Q & A

We’ll reflect on your progress, meet with like-minded entrepreneurial women, and seek advice and guidance as you build your brand into the business of your dreams.


Team you package

To empower your personal brand, I can connect you with my tribe of branding and creative experts. For an additional cost you can have professional photos taken by a renowned fashion photographer, as well as your Linkedin overhauled and copywriting expertly crafted by an award-winning branding expert/copywriter.

I believe if you are going to commit to transformation you need to do your research. This means understanding who is leading you through the life changes you will experience and what to expect.

I like letter writing, it’s a personal way to communicate and connect with others.

Below is a letter from me to you. It explains how the program works and how we will work together.

If you read it and your gut instinct says ‘yes’ I’m ready to take the next powerful step in my life; please email for more information or book a coffee date on the link below.

Much love,

Tory x

Letter from Tory

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Tory’s reputation precedes her. She has worked with some of the most iconic international brands, yet she is one of the most approachable and humble people I have met. When the opportunity arose to have access to her through her mentoring sessions, I jumped at the chance.

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