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Looking for ways for your star to shine bright through this global crisis? Feeling flat and want inspiration?

During recent months we’ve all had to pivot and shift our thinking to propel our businesses forward. It has given us a valuable opportunity to learn, grow and evolve.

Before COVID hit, Tory had live events and corporate workshops scheduled Australia-wide—a grand vision for Powerful Steps and the professionals it supports. While the original execution of Tory’s vision was affected, it didn’t mean she couldn’t inspire, encourage and empower her tribe and beyond in a different way.

Embrace the situation and focus on the power of connection. Want to thrive in a corporate role or your own business in the coming months? – here are my Tory’s simple tips which will enable you to lead and propel forward.

1. Turn to your tribe

I understood the power of my connections, and I could see many people were struggling as business started to slow down and operate differently. Things like juggling household responsibilities and working from home became stressful.

When you surround yourself with the right tribe, magic unfolds instantly. I knew there was an opportunity to bring people together through the power of connecting like-minded people who believe in stepping outside their comfort zone, up-levelling and networking.  I discovered it was a valuable way to communicate with people through Zoom or an old fashioned phone call. I’ve invested in less email communication and more face-to-face virtual connection. A simple conversation can turn into future brand collaborations, new contacts and will uplift your spirits.

2. Invest in giving

During isolation, I chose to give back. I pivoted my Powerful Steps vision by hosting virtual Instagram Live events in collaboration with other influential professionals such as Gina DeVee, Jacinta Tynan, Katrina Blowers, Dr Kim Granland, Sharon Pearson and many others. Harnessing the power of our respective networks allowed us to deliver immense value to our audiences.

I encourage you to give without the expectation of receiving anything in return. Giving from a passionate and inspired place ignites miracles in the lives of others, and in time, your world.

3. Set coffee dates

Connecting over coffee is the most meaningful way to develop new partnerships. I’ve committed to three coffee dates per week for two decades, and it’s supported me to build a global network and respected personal brand.

Setting weekly coffee dates (virtual or otherwise) allows you to communicate your value and expand your network. Your star doesn’t rise by waiting for good things to come to you; success happens by making genuine connections aligned with your brand.

Join the Coffee Challenge

Tory Archbold is an inspirational speaker that works with brands nation-wide and talks about how three coffee dates a week can build your global tribe.