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Tory Archbold has always been motivated to help others succeed and credit goes to her non-negotiable hour of power each week with a mentor to keep her on track and achieve these goals.

For Tory, the tables have turned and she is now working with others to empower them by offering a series of mentoring packages to propel them forward during Covid 19. Why? She loves sharing her key learnings from two decades working with the worlds most powerful brands and setting others up for success.

Tory describes her mentoring sessions as: “a little bit of gold dust she can sprinkle and say ‘hey’, I’ve got your back, I know you can do it too.”

Email for more information on mentoring packages with Tory Archbold at info@powerfulsteps.com.au

Read Tory’s full list of tips on how to find your Passion and Attract your Tribe at Women Love Tech: https://womenlovetech.com/find-your-passion-and-attract-your-tribe-with-tory-archbold/