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Tory Archbold, Founder of Powerful Steps, featured on Channel 7 this week to share her tips on networking online to reach your professional goals in self-isolation. Tory recommends free apps to stay professional connected for small businesses – Zoom, Skype, FaceTime – which are easy to access on your phone or laptop.

Insights included how you can stay connected daily with those in your team, professional tribe and of course family. These tips help you to use available online platforms and set up virtual coffee dates.

Watch Tory’s Channel 7 Interview here

For more tips on how to connect with others and build your global tribe go to our website and sign up to the #coffeechallenge, a simple and effective way to build your personal brand and grow your professional network – http://www.powerfulsteps.com.au/coffee-challenge/

Tory’s Tips Include:

  • Celebrate on a Friday the week that was with a virtual lunch or dinner date
  • Ask people to dress up as they would have if you met in person
  • Add some fun to what is going to be a challenging time
  • Download a good app to get your body moving for 30 minutes a day.
  • Stretch, allow your mind to focus on delivering you a strong mindset. Resilience is what will get you to the finish line which is possibly six months away.