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Tory Archbold, Founder of Powerful Steps joined Mental Health Advocate Chelsea Pottenger on the podcast EQMinds to discuss how to take powerful steps forward in challenging times. Tory shared her toolkit specifically on leaning into new change, stepping into your personal brand and why it is critical when working in isolation. Given the current situation people are facing with COVID-19 and isolation, this episode specifically aims to provide a helpful tools and optimism on several key topics such as:

1.25 How to build self-belief and not listen to the negative self-critic
2.47 The miracle shower technique
3.30 The right kind of tribes
6.43 How to connect and network effectively while we are working remotely
7.15 Your personal brand
8.00 The 3 virtual coffees per week – who they should be with
10.30 Small things matter
11.04 Self-care and the important of a happy heart

Listen to the Podcast Here