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For two decades, I committed myself to three professional coffee dates a week. Doing so, helped me build a global communications brand, and more recently led me to create Powerful Steps, a leadership platform that empowers, inspires and encourages people to step into their power.

I invested my time and energy into attracting and connecting with the right people because I know—and believe in—the power of face-to-face connections.

My global network—built on three coffee dates a week—enabled me to hold Powerful Steps corporate leadership workshops, which have helped high-powered professionals make significant leaps and bounds in their careers.

It’s also how I created my PR & Brand Communications Agency, Torstar. By attracting the right tribe, I established a global network of referrals that secured top-performing clients Zara, Nespresso, Shopbop, Seafolly and more recently Victoria’s Secret and Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beauty.

Wanting to share my success is what inspired me to create The Coffee Challenge. A simple formula that helps others benefit in their professional and personal lives. I love seeing how The Coffee Challenge empowers people to connect and opens them up to opportunity.

If you want to attract the right professional opportunities, you have to step outside your comfort zone. The Coffee Challenge formula is the most powerful and inexpensive way to connect and grow your network. Acoffee date for two is less than $10 anywhere in the world. For just $30 a week, you can make three powerful connections, share your capabilities, add value and build your global network.

Four tips for building your network:

1.     Personal Brand Positioning 

Personal brand positioning is key to your success. Your personal brand must reflect who you are and align with the people you want to attract. Your LinkedIn and social media presence must be relevant. You won’t attract influential connections when your LinkedIn photo looks like it belongs on a dating site.

2.     The Power of Connecting with Your Network

Consider who’s already in your network. Who is the most valuable person in your network that you can connect with to take your next powerful step? Each week I choose someone I know, someone in my professional network and someone outside of my comfort zone—and I aim high. Pick up the phone. Leverage email, LinkedIn, or request an introduction from a mutual contact (this gives you credibility). It’s how authentic professional connections are made.

3.     Meet for Coffee

Nothing compares to the power of meeting in-person. People want to know the face behind the email or LinkedIn photo (hopefully yours matches). It’s a chance to show you’re genuinely interested in making a connection.

4.    Follow Up & Stay Relevant 

Follow up after coffee. Send a quick email thanking your new connection for their time. Know what projects they’re working on, share their relevant content to your network, and make introductions to other professionals that could support their success.

For more tips on attracting the right tribe, join me for the Coffee Challenge.

Tory Archbold is an inspirational speaker that works with global retail brands and talks about how three coffee dates a week can attract and build your global tribe. For more information or to book Tory for your next corporate workshop visit powerfulsteps.com.au