Tory Archbold is the Founder & Director of Powerful Steps, a platform which allows others to step into their true power and potential.

She also founded Torstar, a brand communications agency that has worked alongside international and local fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands.

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To kick things off, could you tell us a little about your career background and current role?

I started TORSTAR almost 20 years ago and it grew into a globally recognised brand communication agency partnering with the world’s top performing retail brands.

A few years ago I downsized the agency in favour of a work-life balance and haven’t looked back. Downsizing taught me that you can still attract the world’s best brands if you have the passion, right team and deliver. In 2019 my passion shifted and I started Powerful Steps, a platform to inspire, encourage and empower others.

Like TORSTAR, it started with my gut instinct and a desire that the business I would be stepping into would deliver a positive impact on others. Instead of driving a brand’s impact through customer experience and sales driven strategies, I now impact others through transformational leadership with a series of corporate workshops, keynote speaking and retreats.

I love the raw, authenticity of sharing my personal and professional journey to switch people’s thinking and allowing them to understand that anything is possible when you look at challenges as possibilities.