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How Tory Archbold turned her horrific experience into a powerful business. 

“It started with text messages that turned into up to 100 points of communication a day. I’d be sitting at work on my computer, the phone would be ringing, the email would be pinging, or him turning up. I’d be trying to deal with a major international client. It was just… I’d go into a tailspin. It was very overwhelming. This went on for 12 years,” sighs Tory Archbold as she recalls being stalked and harassed by her ex-partner.

Sitting across from me in her hip Sydney office is one of Australia’s most successful PR, dare I say, queens. A woman who I’ve known, worked with and forever admired for two decades. Tory built her impressive PR business, Torstar, and its even more impressive client list – including Victoria Secret, Zara and David Jones plus more – all while raising her daughter solo. Respect. But… READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE