8:30am, 23 June, The Boathouse, Rose Bay

I believe that the people you surround yourself with are a direct reflection of where you are at in life.  Your tribe is everything which is why for over two decades I have committed to 3 coffee dates a week, no matter where I am in the world. This commitment includes coffee with someone I know, someone I wish to partner with and someone outside of my comfort zone.

It’s how I attracted and partnered with the world’s top performing brands, celebrities and influencers.

Join me for breakfast arrivals and media opportunities 8.30am for 9am sit-down with like minded women at The Boathouse, Rose Bay.

I will be sharing top tips for building a powerful network to ensure you become a business super attractor and also introducing you to 3 of the powerful women in my tribe.

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In 2019 I embarked on a new journey.  Using the power of the network and connections I had built to start Powerful Steps –  a platform to inspire, encourage and empower others.

If you are ready to connect with like-minded female entrepreneurs and corporate warriors who understand the power of THINKING BIG then the Powerful Steps  networking events are for YOU.

Once a month, 3 powerful women who have appeared on my top-rating podcast Powerful Stories will share how they got to the top of their game and the lessons learnt along the highway of life.

These event’s will inspire you to step outside your comfort zone and into your power zone each day.  Why? Because we all deserve to live in alignment with our values, intent, and purpose to attract what we truly deserve in life.

Take a powerful step and join us.

Much love

Tory xx

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