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The Journey To Worthy with Vanessa Haldane

Tory Archbold Interviewing Vanessa Haldane

Have you ever felt unworthy? 

Unfortunately it’s a feeling that most of us experience throughout our lives. Trauma from our past leads us to feeling undeserving, not good enough and can lead to toxic relationships. 

To discuss this topic, I am chatting today with Vanessa Haldane from ‘Journey to Worthy’. Vanessa has the most inspiring and powerful story. She has experienced and moved forward through ongoing childhood traumas and adversity to find a new path and discover her feelings of worth. 

By taking ownership of her story she has transformed it into lighting up the lives of others. 

After Vanessa worked with Marie Claire on a coercive control campaign countless women and men reached out to her to talk about their own situations as they began to recognise red flags in their own relationships. 

Vanessa shares her incredibly powerful story and the path that led her to beginning ‘Journey to Worthy’. She passionately advocates for women who have gone through coercive control and physical abuse to break through the cycle of shame and guilt. 

We continue on to discuss the importance of feeling comfortable and loving our own bodies, red flags to look out for in relationships, and how ‘Journey to Worthy’ can help and support men as well as women. 

Vanessa is definitely in my top five global examples of women owning their power through their story. She is one of the most courageous, inspirational and compassionate women I have ever met. 

I encourage everyone, both men and women, to listen to her story and together we can work to change our mindset around self worth, begin to heal, and understand that we’re all deserving of love and happiness.

Topics Discussed

[1:27]: Vanessa openly shares her personal journey through childhood and personal trauma. 

[4:12]: Vanessa became pregnant at 17 to an abusive partner. She left the relationship at 19 after recognising her daughter’s worth. 

[4:45]: She has had another two children with a supportive partner. 

[4:51]: Vanessa’s father passed away in 2006, her mother became very depressed and took her own life in 2011. This led to a transformation for Vanessa and ‘Journey to Worthy’ began. 

[5:58]: Vanessa found her power in saying out loud what happened because it’s not her fault and there are so many people in the world that it has happened to and feel shame about it. 

[6:36]: Women come to Vanessa on a daily basis and tell her things they haven’t told anyone else. 

[6:46]: Vanessa worked with Marie Claire for a coercive control campaign. Men and women reached out after they read the checklist. Journey to Worthy will end toxic relationships. 

[7:44]: Vanessa shares red flags of coercive control to look out for. 

[9:40]: People need to recognise that their behaviour is coercive to make any changes. Seeking therapy is a great place to start. 

[10:50]: Vanessa suffered anorexia and bulimia from 23, she has learnt to be grateful and appreciate the body she has and set goals that don’t focus on aesthetics. 

[12:12]: The first time Vanessa shared her stretchmarks on social media she had a panic attack, but she wanted to show women we can wear anything and change our mindset. 

[13:15]: There is a support page on Vanessa’s for men to seek help too.


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