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What do you want your career to look like in 2022?

Tory Archbold Solo Episode

Who do you want to be in 2022? 


What sets your heart on fire?


NOW is the time to show up, grow and evolve into the person you want to be because the journey of a thousand miles starts with one powerful step.


In this episode, I reflect back on the decades of my life and how I harnessed every experience by leaning into it, learning, and being open to new ideas to discover what I’m truly passionate about. 


I talk about the amazing experiences I gained through dipping my toes in a variety of different industries and why it’s so important to recognise the opportunities that come into our lives. What is the universe opening up to you? What has your career taught you so far? 


I share a snapshot of how I set up my week through strategic planning, prioritising, and creating space for the things I want to focus on. I share some key strategies that I’ll be using to step into 2022 with intention, passion and readiness to make a global impact and empower millions of people around the world. 


Are you in the right career?


What is it that you really want to do?


My intention for this episode is to motivate you to step into your power in 2022. This could be the aha moment that causes you to take your first powerful step. 

Topics Discussed

[1:00]: In primary school, I wanted to be a woman who helped others like a police officer or lawyer. I didn’t become those things but I love what I do and wake up with a happy heart. 

[2:25]: Follow the signs. You will be given opportunities along the highway of life and it’s up to you which ones you want to take. 

[3:30]: I worked for some powerful brands overseas which gave me insight into different industries and leadership styles. This helped me find what I was passionate about. 

[4:30]: Through all my experiences, I had the confidence to take my first powerful step and believe in myself that I could build a global communications agency to partner with the world’s top performing brands, celebrities and influencers.

[5:30]: In my 30’s I had my daughter and raised her on my own while building my business. This was a time of delivering on what I had established in my 20’s by following the signs the universe gave me. 

[7:00]: I had no work-life balance because I was working 80 hour weeks and raising my daughter. In my 40’s, I found my power and understood my story and closed the business. 

[8:30]: Embrace what you’ve done up until now and ask yourself “were my career moves a learning platform for me?” and “is this what I really want to do?”

[9:50]: Allow yourself to understand what stage of life you’re at and look at what your focus is for the future. My family is my priority and I block out time and space for that. 

[11:30]: Now I’m tapping into my global network which I’ve established through my 3 coffee dates per week to help make a global impact and empower millions of people 

[12:30]: I’m going to be really structured with how I run my life and my week. You need to take care of yourself as a priority to anchor into your heart. 

[13:30]: I’ve made space in my diary for each Business attraction program and my mentoring clients so that I can truly be there and help them make their global impact. 

[15:25]: It starts with establishing your priorities, creating boundaries and setting yourself up for success every day. At the end of the day, I wrap it up by being grateful. 

[17:00]: Learn the art of delegation and stay flexible and open to new ideas. 

[19:30]: How to connect with Tory 


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