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Shifting your bedroom energy to set you up for success

Tory Archbold

Do you wake up in the morning bursting with energy for the coming day? 

If you’re not naturally a morning person, it can be tricky to move the energy that is required to set yourself up for a really successful and fulfilling day. If you’re finding it hard to shift your energy into positivity, you need to start digging a bit deeper to find where your blocks are.

I was a single mother for many years whilst also running a very successful global company, TORSTAR, and although there was a lot of pressure on me, there was also a lot of excitement in my life. But there was one area where my energy was definitely not aligned. 

I wanted to find love, and it just wasn’t happening for me. 

I was speaking to a business mentor about this, and she gave me some advice that was truly life changing. She said that the first place I must look to shift my energy, was my bedroom. 

No, not in the cheeky way that you might expect if you’re looking for love. That was my first thought too!

You must look at the objects that you have in your bedroom. 

What are you surrounding yourself with when you go to sleep? 

What thoughts are you taking with you to bed? 

If you’ve surrounded yourself with memories that no longer serve you in the form of objects, paintings, a bed that you used to share with an ex, messy paperwork – every little bit of that blocks your energy and fuels negativity.

You need to clear this negativity by clearing your space and starting fresh. 

Have a listen to this episode to discover the simple, daily practices that I use to attract what I desire, and if you take action I know you can achieve what you desire too.

Topics Discussed

[1:40]: Setting yourself up for success starts with your energy fields. The magic that lights you up in the morning. Ground and anchor yourself in your shower each morning. 

[2:22]: My anchoring routine in the morning includes hopping in the shower and placing 3 drops of lavender oil on my decolletage. This grounds me to my purpose for the day. Mindset with energy is very important. 

[3:10]: If you hop in your shower with a negative mindset, you’re setting your day up with negative energy. 

[4:11]: In my morning shower I’m thinking about impact, energy, and connection. By the time I hop out, my heart and mind are on fire. I can then work double time during the day with excitement. 

[4:46]: I give myself 45 seconds to marinate in a problem, find a solution and move on. 

[5:20]: I understand the power of my to-do list is in the small steps that I choose to take. 

[6:23]: Shift your energy if you feel overwhelmed or anxious about something by delegating it to someone that’s an expert in that field. 

[6:58]: Bedroom energy is very important. I was exhausted by the time I hopped into bed when I was a single mother and running my company Torstar.

[7:53]: A business mentor gave me the following steps to shift my bedroom energy: #1 When you hop into bed, forget about anything negative that happened that day. Sit at the end of your bed, shut your eyes and cup your hands up into the light.Take 3 deep breaths and release it. 

[8:44]: #2 Before you close your eyes at night time, imagine the energy of the man that you want to be with next to you in the bed. This energy became my husband and I’m grateful everyday for this advice. It helped me shift my energy from a single mindset to a partnership mindset. 

[10:06]: #3 If you’re surrounded by things in your bedroom that are the old room vs the new room, you need to shift the energy out for the energy you want to bring in. 

[11:59]: If you’re holding onto something in your bedroom that reminds you of a bad experience/relationship/time, remove it immediately.

[12:41]: If you want to shift energy, live in alignment with who you are and attract what you deserve – create the space by removing negativity. 

[13:53]: Celebrate all of the goodness in your life, anchor yourself to your values, intent and purpose, and be clear that you want to surround yourself with likeminded people. 

[14:13]: The vibration of who you are will start shifting because you’ve done the energy shift in the bedroom, woken up in the morning, and used the sacred space in the shower to set yourself up for success. 

[14:42]: The Empowering You photoshoot is about capturing people as their true self and stepping into their power by taking ownership of who they are through personal branding shoots. 

[15:14]: When you’re in alignment with who you are, you don’t care about who’s watching. 

[15:51]: I help people shift their energy so the energy of who they are translates into the images that they put out into the world. 

[16:17]: Summary. 

[17:00]: When you step out of your house in the morning, you should be radiating at an incredibly high vibration so opportunities flow into your life. You deserve them, you got rid of all of the negativity. Shifting energy is taking ownership of your truth, your story and your power.


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