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How your personal brand can build powerful connections

Tory Archbold

During my years at the helm of TORSTAR we partnered with the top ten retail brands in the world and delivered extraordinary results. I’ve helped shape and build some of the most recognised celebrity brands around the globe and in 2019 turned my focus to my own personal brand when I launched Powerful Steps.


One thing I’ve learned is the power of having a stand out personal brand and a question I get asked a lot is how to get the storytelling and positioning right in order to connect with other likemind people. 


It’s about understanding the power of who you are and anchoring your unique personal brand with your story. 


Are you in alignment with your truth?


If you understand who you are, what your intent and purpose is, and anchor your storytelling to your values, you will attract what you deserve. 


People will not authentically connect with you unless they feel they are in alignment with the values, intent and purpose of your business.


In this episode, I talk about how I built my personal brand by being raw and honest, allowing people to resonate with my story and understand exactly how I could help them. 


I talk about how to increase your network by investing your time in 3 coffee dates a week with people in your tribe, who you want to partner with (and outside of your comfort zone – YES, I do this too!) I also run you through exactly how to plan these in-person and virtual coffee dates to ensure you’re reaching your ideal audience and making the most of your valuable time.

Topics Discussed

[1:01]: People won’t connect with you unless they feel you’re in alignment with the values, intent, and purpose of your business. Anchor your storytelling to your values to attract what you deserve. 

[2:39]: I was wearing two masks when working for the most incredible brands because I felt like people would judge me about what happened behind closed doors and the situation with my ex. 

[3:06]: I came in alignment with my truth after a near-death experience in 2013. I stood in my power and decided to get full custody and a restraining order. I was granted these in 2017 by the family law court. I decided to share my truth with the world by partnering with Marie Claire magazine to write how I took powerful steps to learn life lessons and evolve into the woman I am today. 

[4:20]: You have to be brave enough to create a personal brand, showcase what you want to attract into your life and business, and take ownership of your story. 

[5:27]: When I decided to launch Powerful Steps I had to be truthful about what really happened. I was in my power, I was standing in my truth, and I understood that I was capable. 

[6:13]: You have to get the scripting right when launching your personal brand. Anchoring yourself to your values. My values are passion, integrity, and delivery. 

[7:24]: Your personal brand will always showcase what you want to attract into your business and reveal who you truly are. 

[7:35]: Building a personal brand also includes building powerful connections. I built my reputation by committing to 3 coffee dates a week. #1 Coffee date is for anyone that you consider to be a part of your ultimate community. 

[8:54]: #2 Coffee date – build a partnership to grow your business and brand. You can quickly double, triple or quadruple your reach for minimum output. 

[10:03]: #3 Coffee date – outside of your comfort zone. Have a list of 5 people and work out how you can meet them. Think big!

[12:24]: If you want to build a professional stand-out brand, you need to advocate for others. You need to have a stand-out profile on LinkedIn. Upload an energetic, powerful, loving life photo. Reveal something about yourself that people don’t know about you. People will reach out to ask you about it. Remember to update it every 3 months. 

[15:40]: Invest 20 minutes a day by liking, commenting, and engaging on other people’s platform feeds. Rather than posting about yourself – post about your team, coffee dates, your amazing clients. Your audience will see you as an advocate, a team player, and interested in a mutual exchange of energy. 

[17:16]: On one of my coffee dates the woman I was connecting with had no digital footprint and had no idea about me or the services I offer. It’s important to be prepared and value the time of the people on your coffee dates. I learned that it’s important for my coffee dates to fill out all of the information beforehand so I can research them and their needs and I know they are invested in working with me. 

[19:31]: Check in with your team and ask how they’re connecting with people. When your clients say ‘yes’, how are you representing yourself and what results are you delivering? 

[20:53]: When you understand what others value, the pathway for your professional business growth will become clear. 

[21:17]: We have opened up enrollment for the Business Attraction Program for February 2022.


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