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Do you have the confidence to pitch?

Tory Archbold

Can you do your own PR? 


Can you set yourself apart from your competition and pitch to media outlets? 


In this episode, I walk you through the powerful steps you can follow to pitch your own powerful story to the media. 


You can position yourself successfully as a powerhouse in your field by using strategic storytelling to connect with the marketplace and even appear in incredible publications and as a guest on top rating podcasts. 


In my 40s, I stepped away from representing other people and stepped into representing myself. I accomplished this by changing my storytelling technique and viewing myself as a brand. I’ve appeared in CEO Magazine, Money Magazine, top-rated morning shows, and incredible podcasts. 


I’ll help you explore your own powerful story by breaking it down into the five segments that will resonate deeply with media outlets. 


You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars hiring a PR agency. You can absolutely do it yourself. I’ll go through some of the killer strategies featured in my workshop ‘The Confidence to Pitch’. 

If you would like to learn more, head over to my website to reserve your spot for Thursday, 2nd December.

Topics Discussed

[1:17]: In my 20s I fell in love with the media world and wanted to be a part of it. When I was working for Viacom, I was lucky to learn from a kick-ass woman who taught me the power is in the story. 

[2:06]: I worked for two different media channels: MTV and Nickelodeon. Two very different media channels but the same focus: own your message, own your story, identify who you want to tell your story, and go out into the universe and make it happen. 

[2:55]: I came back to Australia and launched a PR company called Torstar and took it global. I started with no media connections but knew who I wanted to attract so I traveled around the world to connect with brands and people so I could launch incredible brands into Australia. 

[4:01]: When you’re telling a story you need to be very strategic. In my 40s, I stepped away from representing other people and stepped into representing myself. 

[5:00]: I had to switch my storytelling techniques and look at myself as a brand. I understood my superpower and reflected on my stand-out features that set me apart from the pack. 

[5:54]: 1st powerful step – Find a brand you relate to. For me it’s Zara. 

[6:53]: When you talk about the power of your story, you need to break it into 5 segments: 1 – Where did you grow up, 2 – What was your experience as a teenager, 3 – Who mentored you? What was your career highlight? Where did you end up in your 20s and 30s?, 4 – What was your game-changing moment? 5 – Where are you now? 

[8:09]: When you’re telling your story to the media, you can show them the life lessons you’ve learned and share your career highlights. I have had 3 authentic features in CEO magazine. 

[9:13]: I was invited to do a profile feature in Money Magazine. I was invited on the top-rated morning shows in Australia to talk about the power of my story. Each time, I would look at the target audience and pitch accordingly. 

[9:56]: I’ve appeared on Podcasts: CCA, ‘It’s A Lot With Abby Chatfield’, and next week with ‘Mama Mia’ and Lise and Sarah’s ‘Those two girls – Forty’ and ‘Wabi Sabi Series’. You can either approach their podcast or they can approach you. Listen to their podcast and give them a review. Show people you’re involved in what they’re doing. 

[10:46]: Every time someone pitches to come on the Powerful Stories podcast that’s the first thing I look at. Is this person genuinely interested? Podcast swapping is the best way to build your personal brand and activate your PR awareness. 

[11:20]: A lot of people ask me which agency to go with for their PR. I advise them to, firstly, do their research and look at the results they’ve had with other clients. Secondly, make sure the energy is right with the head of the agency and your team. 

[12:11]: But you can do all of this yourself! Why pay someone to do what I can teach you to do for yourself. 

[12:40]: I host an amazing workshop ‘The Confidence to Pitch’ every 8 weeks. Check it out on my website. 

[13:52]: Within the workshop, we learn how to successfully pitch your business by looking at your brand SEO. If you’re looking to profile yourself, make sure you have a stand-out Linked In profile. 

[14:29]: You only need 10 contacts in your media database. Every 12 weeks I look at what those relationships have delivered to decide whether I keep or replace them. 

[15:04]: We also learn how to write a strategic press release that you can send to multiple media outlets. It’s all about the title, clickbait, content, and follow-through. How do you use media platforms to drive people to your site?

[15:45]: If you follow these step patterns, you will attract media attention. 

[16:04]: If I can do it, you can do it. I started my global brand communications company with no media connections. 

[16:33]: Check out my website to learn more.


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