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How to think like a queen

Tory Archbold

What do you value?

What do you stand for?

What do you desire?

To think like a QUEEN, you need to be sure of these things. 

A queen is all about community. She leads with empathy, compassion, and conviction and is authentically who she is. A queen translates her challenges into opportunities and inspires others to do the same. 

In this solo episode, I talk about what it means to think and act like a queen so that you can turn your dreams into reality and become visible in a virtual world. I talk about leadership, delegation, the importance of being visible, and establishing a network of other powerful people around you. 

I’m on a mission to create a global impact and empower every woman on this planet to own their story and step into their power. 

What is your mission?

Are you thinking like a queen?

Topics Discussed

[1:00]: Queens have clarity on what they value, stand for and desire.

[2:30]: A queen is also a leader. A leader delegates as much as they can.

[3:00]: I delegate as much as I can on the home front because when I’m under pressure, I can’t think and act like a queen.

[4:20]: Lockdown has taught us that our world is focused on digital connection. Being visible all comes down to your personal brand. 

[5:20]: To create a digital footprint, understand the power of your story. Write a stand out LinkedIn bio so you’re at the top of the Google rankings. 

[6:20]: You need to ensure that your values, intent, and purpose are regularly visible. Comment and support other people and challenge their opinions.

[7:40]: A queen connects. Lead with empathy, compassion and conviction and be open, honest and authentically you. Commit to 3 coffee dates per week. 

[8:40]: I have coffee with one person in my tribe, one person I want to partner with and one person completely outside my comfort zone. 

[9:40]: A queen uses her influence and wisdom to empower others. The bumps along the way in the journey of life are challenges that turn into lessons and opportunities to inspire others. 

[11:40]: When a queen leads, leadership can be really fabulous. If I want to make a global impact, I need to think like a queen.