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My morning routine to win the day

Tory Archbold

The first 20 minutes when you wake up is the most important part of your day. 


How are you waking up in the morning? 


Do you reach immediately for your social media feed? 


Your morning routine sets up your intention and aligns your energy for the rest of your day. 


My clients frequently ask me for my morning routine and I’m so excited to share it with you today. I have separated this episode into two parts to comprehensively illustrate the importance of establishing a morning routine that truly serves you.


In the first part, I delve into my past when my life was hectic and chaotic. I was an entrepreneur running a global communications business and in my personal life, I was a single mum dealing with several behind-the-scenes challenges. I was exhausted and I needed help. 


I embarked on a self-discovery mission across the world to Thailand to visit incredible health resorts and seek guidance. A Buddhist monk gave me some of the best advice that I’ve ever received. It made me stop, stand still, and motivated me to change everything. 


This began a 12-year long journey. It took a lot of soul searching and embracing my powerful steps to come to where I am today, living my best life. I’m absolutely delighted I can share it with you. 


In the second part, I’ll run you through the exact ritual that I follow every day. I’ll give you four great practical tips to set up your own morning routine. Start tomorrow! These practical steps will help you to ensure you’re fully embracing the potential of your day and stepping into your power. 


I want to inspire you to view the challenges in your life as potential opportunities. 


If you anchor yourself in your morning ritual, you’ll create the right energy that’s in alignment with your values and your purpose in life. 

Topics Discussed

[1:03]: Previously, my life was chaotic and frantic. I was a successful entrepreneur running a global communications business on one hand, and on the other hand, I was a single Mum dealing with hectic behind-the-scenes and suffering from adrenal fatigue. 

[2:01]: Many years ago I took my own powerful step and realised I needed to seek help. I booked a ticket to Thailand and had a panic attack on the plane. The air hostess advised me to journal everything I was feeling. 

[3:03]: I wrote a ‘Dear Bella’ letter to my daughter. I wrote down what I had failed at and the more I wrote down, the more I felt it was the time to release it. 

[3:25]: When I arrived in Chiva-Som, at the time the best health resort in the world, I was told if I don’t change my life I’ll have the live or die moment. It was more likely I’ll die young because I’m running my life on the edge. 

[4:08]: I took on board their comments and that my life had to slow down. I had to take out what was no longer serving me – friends, family, professional colleagues. I had to take a powerful step to remove myself from the shit in my life to create space for the good stuff. It was a 12-year long journey. 

[4:50]: I met a Buddhist monk who sat me down with a deck of cards, I pulled out the Warrior Princess that breaks free. He explained how this card represented me. 

[6:13]: It took a lot of soul searching to come to where I am today. I’m in alignment with my truth, living my best life, because I learned that a happy heart is a magnet for miracles. 

[6:26]: The best advice the monk gave me was to set my day up for success. He told me to buy lavender oil and calm my mind. 3 drops of lavender oil on my decolletage every morning. I inhale and exhale 3 times. 

[7:38]: Calm yourself down and be willing to receive. Do it for yourself and do it with gratitude. 

[8:19]: He also taught me that when you shift that energy and understand the flow of life. Something bigger and better is going to find you. 

[9:32]: When you’re willing to learn the lesson, you will understand that these are the biggest breakthrough moments. 

[10:15]: I know my chances of success will increase dramatically when I have a positive mindset. If you lay a really strong foundation it will make a really big difference to what you attract and receive into your life. 

[10:48]: The first 20 minutes of your day is the most critical of your day. Picture your ideal day on a canvas. 

[12:06]: My ideal day is surrounding myself with the best possible people aligned with my values and purpose. I have to have some me-time. I like to surround myself with quotes that impact how I feel. 

[14:25]: #1 Imagine a world where you didn’t wake up with social media and emails, but woke up with the power of your favourite quote and affirmation. 

[15:17]: #2 Pump your oxygen. Exercise! I love to walk, talk and drink coffee with my husband in the mornings. Prime your body and your mind for success. 

[16:15]: #3 Create a positive environment. If you step into an environment that you love, you will feel positive. 

[17:21]: #4 Organise your thoughts. Recognise them and write them down. A lot of my best ideas come from my shower ritual in the morning. 

[18:57]: Life is about you, it’s up to you and only you. In life, we’ll always have challenges, but if you change your thinking that these challenges will be translated into opportunities and you anchor your morning ritual – you’ll take powerful steps for a long time.


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