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How to celebrate Christmas on your own terms with Tory and Bella Archbold

Tory Archbold Interviewing Tory and Bella Archbold

Does Christmas feel like it’s a real struggle for you?

At a time of year where there is supposed to be a lot of love shared, for some it can be quite difficult. Family dynamics can make conversations feel forced, leave you feeling judged and wishing that you were anywhere else.

So why do we put ourselves through this?

If you find that the holiday period leaves you feeling exhausted, I would like to invite you to shake it up.

Have a think about how you would really like to be spending your holidays, and take steps to make that happen.

In this episode I feel so fortunate to be joined by my daughter, Bella as we share our fondest memories of Christmas. This was a beautiful moment between the two of us as we recognised what it is about the holidays that we love, and how we’ve left the toxic environments behind.

It may feel uncomfortable at first to try something new for the festive season, but it’s important to make memories that you want to keep. Our memories are what shape us, and honouring what you truly want can only lead to positive change.

Bella and I wish you a very merry Christmas and hope that you enjoy our special 100th episode!


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