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How to raise your vibration and be recognised with Sophie Bretag

Tory Archbold Interviewing Sophie Bretag

There are very few women who set my heart on fire with their passion, courage and infectious energy and my next guest, Sophie Bretag, is one of them. 


Sophie provides specialist strategies to businesses as a Speaker, Kindness Consultant, Certified Mindful Mentor, Meditation and Intuitive Teacher with her Consultancy business, Metta Leaders. 


She lives and breathes authentic, creative and courageous leadership, and is a passionate advocate for mental health and psychological safety in the workplace. She believes that kindness will change the world.


Through the Powerful Steps community, Sophie stripped back what was no longer serving her, began stepping into her higher purpose, and recently won the Life Passion Freedom Award. She is a great advocate for stepping outside your comfort zone into your power zone and getting recognised for it. 


In this episode, Sophie shares some of the powerful steps she has taken to make space for the right people to come into her life. We talk about the importance of empathy and listening to your intuition and why we need to take care of people in the workplace in a holistic way. Sophie also shares her top tips for how to balance passionate work and mindful living, including meditation, time in nature and establishing strong boundaries.


Sophie talks about the incredible impact that the Powerful Steps community has had on her life, the amazing community that embraced her, and how it has changed her life. Sophie is a stand out QUEEN, you’re going to love her.

Topics Discussed

[1:40]: Sophie recently won the Life Passion Freedom Award and couldn’t move from her seat when her name was called. She talks about the shock to be recognised for what she does. 

[3:30]: Sophie talks about getting clear on her values and boundaries to make space for the right people to come into her life. 

[4:20]: When you realise what you want in life, you have to take difficult steps that leave you vulnerable. Sophie talks about how much of her life was in shame and lack and that being vulnerable helps her connect with others on a deep level. 

[6:00]: Sophie talks about the importance of empathy and intuition and how a lot of people don’t listen to their intuition. When you allow the space to tap into it, it can become your most powerful tool. Meditation has been an amazing tool to help Sophie with this. 

[8:20]: Sophie talks about her anxiety and how it no longer owns her. This changed through working on her mindset, becoming more authentic, being less afraid to be judged and having the support of people around her. 

[11:00]: Sophie shares her top tips for balancing passionate work and mindful living:

Meditation, time in nature, time with family, strong boundaries around work, and being able to ask for help. 

[13:00]: Finding the balance with managing emails and social media. Sophie talks about LinkedIn and how she learned to let go and take time away. 

[15:00]: We have looked at people as a resource instead of a human. Covid has been a game changer to help us look at the way we take care of people and think about them holistically.  

[17:00]: Sophie talks about some of the amazing women she has met in the Powerful Steps community.  3 coffee dates a week is the power of connection. 

[19:20]: Sophie is forever grateful for the people Tory has introduced her to and the confidence and empowerment that has changed her life.