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How news presenter Melissa Doyle stepped into her power

Tory Archbold Interviewing Melissa Doyle

Award-winning journalist and news presenter Melissa Doyle steps into her power; reintroducing herself to the world following her departure from the Seven Network; braver & gutsier than ever before.

Melissa Doyle, smoothfm weekend announcer and the former host of Seven Network’s Sunrise and Sunday Night programs, is the latest high-profile guest to step behind the Powerful Stories podcast microphone with Powerful Step’s CEO Tory Archbold and she doesn’t hold back.

Fresh from her recent one-hour Sky News exclusive – Escape from Iran: Kylie Moore-Gilbert – Doyle reveals to Archbold her innermost personal thoughts and emotions following her departure from Seven after 25 years; the stories that touched her heart and will stay with her forever; recognition of the different woman she is today and what the next exciting chapter in life holds for her.

Archbold says “Our stories have the power to shape us and we have the power to shape our stories. Melissa is a professional storyteller and now she is using her storytelling power to reintroduce herself to the world.”

Melissa Doyle admits she cried and retreated following her departure from Seven but discovered she has come back stronger and all the better for it.

Doyle says “I am looking at what is next and maybe reintroducing myself to the world – and myself. I’m no longer boxed in by the branding and the place that I was in – whether it be put there by news bosses, the viewers or other people determining where they want to fit you; where they see you; how they see you – and having that chance to say, well actually, I can be all those things and more.”

“Just because you can be nice and smiley doesn’t mean you can’t be kick-ass and scary. You can do all of it. You can be everything. As we get older, you get a little bit gutsier. I’m a little bit braver.”

Doyle’s lifelong motto of ‘shit happens’ and ‘glass half full’ persona has helped turn the smoothfm weekend announcer’s professional life around with an audible documentary coming out next month on women and the way we look at ageing, as well as working on a book and several exciting projects that resonate with who she is today.

Archbold says “Powerful Steps, is all about empowering women like Melissa to find their inner fire and passion to propel themselves forward. I am so grateful Melissa trusted me to tell her story. To share her voice and inspiring others to recognise opportunities become possibilities.”