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How to stand out in a virtual world with celebrity makeup artist Michael Brown

Tory Archbold Interviewing Michael Brown

Lockdowns and Zoom meetings are making a significant impact on the way we present ourselves to the world. We now have a different set of challenges than regular face-to-face meetings. 

We need to stand out as the best version of ourselves in a virtual world.

Today I am talking with my good friend and celebrity makeup artist, Michael Brown, to share his tips and tricks for creating a beautiful presence on camera, building your confidence to showcase your power and cultivate personal connections with your clients.

We discuss every aspect of showcasing yourself and your brand in virtual meetings by using quality lighting, preparing your setup, camera angles and covering those greys during lockdown.

Michael shares some of his fantastic makeup tips, go to products and his advice for how to look your best to make a global impact.

Investing in hair and makeup when filming my masterclasses or hosting virtual keynotes has been so important in presenting my personal brand to the world. If you don’t have the luxury of a hair and makeup artist, these tips will give you the power to go out there and do it yourself.

Topics Discussed

[1:37]: Michael recalls how we met backstage at the Myer Fashion Show when he was working as the national makeup artist at Lancome and the work we’ve done together.


[2:20]: Working in a virtual world makes our image extremely important because we need to portray ourselves in a way that attracts what we want to create in business. Setup is so important because it’s a reflection of our personal brand.


[3:35]: Michael shares his tips for presenting yourself well on Zoom calls; Have your face lit up with the window in front of you, watch the angle of the camera. Lighting yourself up is not just about appearance, but is about creating a connection with your client through expressions and eye contact. 


[5:00]: Looking to build a powerful global network and connect with likeminded people? Join the Powerful Steps Coffee Challenge and commit to 3 coffee dates a week to connect and evolve with others.


[5:30]: Michael’s tips on keeping your hair looking great when it’s overgrown, including using a matte eyeshadow to cover greys. If you feel good, you’ll present yourself so much more confidently.


[8:00]:  Perimenopause causes redness and a great tip to help with this is to cool the skin down with a cooling primer, moisturiser and air conditioning. Extra concealer and powder can also help in targeted spots. 


[9:00]: Eye rollers (rose quartz, jade and platinum) work so well for puffy eyes, just roll them from inner eye to outer and push the puffiness away – concealing won’t be enough. 


[10:20]: Pop points are enough if you don’t want to have a full face of makeup, this can include a lip, lash and the brow. With harsh lighting, it’s important to wear powder to ensure the front pop points on your face are matte and not glow. 


[11:30]: Michael discusses his favourite celebrity to work with, Gisele Bundchen, and how she gave him tips on makeup. 


[12:30]: We’ve both worked with Miranda Kerr. Her new beauty brand is Kora and Michael shares how her rose quartz eye roller and face oil is a favourite and very beneficial for eye puffiness. 


[14:20]: Michael shares that his favourite beauty product in the world is mascara. My favourite is a rosewater mist from Jurlique


[15:00]: Michael discusses how seeing the client grow and increase their confidence in the Powerful Steps Community during makeup and photography sessions has been his favourite part of this journey. 


[16:30]: Spending an hour and a half in the makeup chair is a secret to the success of the Empowering You Photo Shoot. 


[17:30]: I am so proud of the Powerful Steps Community because everyone is helping each other and once a month we do the Empowering You photo shoots together. 


[18:00]: Keep it realistic, relatable and perform trial and error to find your ideal style and look.