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Life begins at forty with Those Two Girls

Tory Archbold Interviewing Those Two Girls

I am a firm believer that life really begins at forty. 


In the earlier years of my life everything felt quite hectic. I was running a global communications company, flying all around the world and raising a daughter on my own. 


I constantly felt the pressure to over deliver with every client I took on and although the results were thrilling, it was exhausting.


Then just before I turned forty, I had a near death experience that completely transformed my life. 


I started reassessing everything, questioning what my values were, and most importantly taking powerful steps to change my life. 


Now I can honestly say, my forties have been the best years of my life.


My guests today, Sarah and Lise of Those Two Girls have a top rated podcast, “Forty” which dives into this exact topic. It celebrates the life lessons and stories of popular Australian women in their forties through honest, insightful and funny interviews.


With a background in early morning breakfast radio and all the attention that brings with it, they felt the push to succeed, attend all the events, wear the high heels and all the spanx.  But as they approached their forties, they started to realise this was not the life they wanted to lead anymore.


Swapping the heels for flats and the spanx for trackies, Those Two Girls are now living their lives on their terms and having a fantastic time doing it.


I want you to feel empowered to change the trajectory of your life too. Look for that sense of calm, contentment and peace that you might be lacking after constantly striving to prove yourself to others. 


Age is just a number. Look at where you are, where you want to get to, and stand in your truth.

Topics Discussed

[1:07]: Age is just a number. My 40s was when I stood in my truth, found my power, made big decisions that transformed my life and became a bride at 46. 

[2:29]: When Sarah turned 40, she felt mentally the same as she did at 26. It became a totally new lease of life. 

[4:04]: Lise was very excited to tackle the next decade with a calmer perspective. 

[4:38]: I was on the pivot of transformation. I had to take ownership of what I wanted in life and clear the decks of what I didn’t want. I shut one business, started another, created space, began online dating, met my soulmate, and got married less than a year later. 

[6:01]: Lise’s first sliding door moment was when she met Sarah and knew her life was going to change dramatically. Her second moment was leaving breakfast radio. The death of Sarah’s mother in law was a very big blow for Sarah and led her to reflect on her current hectic life.

[7:15]: Sarah and Lise were exhausted and had to put on a peppy happy face. Behind the scenes it was not fun and wasn’t great money. The dreams that you had as a younger woman, may no longer be the dreams that make you happy. You can recalibrate. 

[8:56]: It doesn’t matter if other people think you have a wonderful job, if you’re not happy in it then pull the pin. Life is too short. 

[11:39]: What truly made Lise and Sarah happy was working together exclusively and not appearing on a billboard or a bus. 

[13:04]: There is real power in realising that whatever other people think of you is none of your business. There is freedom in your 40s when you learn you don’t always have to be accommodating. 

[14:38]: Embrace the uncomfortable because it means you’re leveling up. Create boundaries and show people what you want. 

[15:24]: Go for a walk through a cemetery. You’ve only got one life to live. Will you be worrying about this situation in 10 years? If so, you need to fix it. If not, let it go.

[16:47]: Sarah thinks Lise is 80% of her community. You need the nitty gritty people in your life that you can call on when things go pear shaped. 

[17:30]: Lise asks herself 3 questions to determine the real people in her life: Can my house be messy? Can my hair be oily? Can I be make up free? 

[19:11]: Lise no longer worries or feels pressure about how she presents herself in the world. 

[20:21]: Lise and Sarah love what they’re doing with ‘Forty’ and they will continue to grow the podcast.  


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