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Working on yourself from the inside out with Leah Simmons

Tory Archbold Interviewing Leah Simmons

The primary focus of the fitness industry has always been on a person’s physical accomplishments and appearance. 


We’re told if we change ourselves on the outside, we’ll feel better on the inside. But, true transformation involves so much more than this. To live a life that’s in alignment, we must consider all areas of our health and not just our physical bodies. 


I’m so grateful today to bring you Leah Simmons, the founder of KAAIAA. KAAIAA is a transformational program that incorporates the four pillars of holistic health: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. By bringing together all four pillars, KAAIAA is a unique and holistic practice that fosters a balanced and centred life.  


Students in the class experience a complete journey, guided by Leah, that encourages them to break through emotional and mental obstacles and push past their physical limits. 


In this episode, we chat about Leah’s earlier career as a DJ and her soul searching journey to transform her career from the music industry to the fitness world. 


Leah is so open and authentic about her professional and personal growth. Moving to Bali and embarking on a journey of self discovery, showed her the need for an efficient program that incorporates all four modalities of health to redefine the word ‘fit’ and help you feel amazing from the inside out. 


During her journey working with her doula in her second pregnancy, Leah learnt the mantra “I can do this, I am doing this”. This belief fueled her through her labour and she realised how powerful a mindset change is to pushing through limiting thoughts and mental barriers. 


Leah encourages everyone to take control back into your hands as you are your own medicine – you’re the one doing it. Her classes are a true workout of the mind, body and soul. 


I’ve attended her classes and you can absolutely see the way people transform their energy in a single session. The power that Leah gives to everyone is incredible. I absolutely love the music, her 18 years of experience as a DJ has helped her create a mindblowing soundtrack and a sensory experience. 


Leah reminds us that you’re going to get back what you give out. The community that she has built through KAAIAA is so amazingly supportive and inspirational. We all need this in our lives. 


I would love for you to listen to her story and jump over to her website to join her next FREE online class. You’ll thank me!  


KAAIAA is the difference between working out to change your body and working out to change your life.

Topics Discussed

[1:26]: Leah Simmons shares her journey becoming a DJ, her early career and how empowering it was to be a female DJ in a male dominated industry. She even ran a record company for six years in London. 

[3:42]: Leah Simmons talks about her soul searching adventure. It’s definitely not a linear process, involves stripping away layers, and is never ending. 

[4:21]: Leah Simmons moved back from London and decided to change from music into the fitness industry. She trained to become a personal trainer and worked in a pilates studio. 

[5:10]: She asked herself what it meant to be truly fit. She wanted to change how people felt on the inside. 

[7:03]: There are four areas of health: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. They’re all interconnected and interdependent. 

[7:29]: Her path of transformation led her to realise that she hadn’t put any energy into any other area than physical health. She wanted to change herself from the inside out. 

[8:18]: The four areas of health have been developed into the program KAAIAA. 

[9:40]: Leah Simmons took the power of her transformation back into her own hands. 

[10:16]: Leah Simmons designed KAAIAA to create an efficient workout that incorporates all four modalities of health. 

[12:06]: The soundtrack is designed to follow the journey of the workout to create an incredibly sensory experience. 

[12:55]: We take ourselves out of experiencing new things simply because we are uncomfortable trying them. We create a comfortable bubble around us that doesn’t allow us to grow. 

[14:44]: You are your own medicine. You’re the one doing it. 

[15:45]: Leah Simmons’ mantra was inspired by her doula. “I can do this, I am doing this”.

[16:55]: Leah Simmons shared a story about a woman that joined the online classes and managed to leave the house for the first time in 18 months. 

[19:39]: Leah Simmons pivoted her business due to lockdowns to hosting online classes, and they kept growing and growing. She had 671 people on the last Zoom call! 

[22:26]: Where to find Leah Simmons and KAAIAA. She hosts free live Zoom classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 

[23:40]: Leah Simmons’ next powerful step is to continue her journey of understanding who she is and learn how to further connect and align with herself.


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