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Elevate your brand through stand out copy with Kate Halfpenny

Tory Archbold Interviewing Kate Halfpenny

To be a powerful brand, it is imperative that you’re clear on your mission and purpose. 

Do you understand why your brand exists, and who you are here to serve?

Once you have established your mission and purpose, if you don’t know how to communicate that effectively, it can all fall a little flat.

The media won’t run with your story, customers won’t connect with the brand, and you won’t be able to reach your full potential.

This is why truly great copywriting is so important in elevating your brand.

My guest today, Kate Halfpenny is a copywriter who I have had the pleasure of working with for many years. In fact, Kate is the one that came up with my line, “Drew Barrymore ended my PR career”. This one sentence helped to shape my brand Powerful Stories and perfectly encapsulates what led to my career change. 

It has a shock value.

It has intrigue.

It makes you want to learn more about my story.

Powerful copy will produce powerful results.

Kate Halfpenny has written for 30 years for Australian magazines, newspapers and digital websites including the Sydney Morning Herald, The New Daily and Who. She founded Bad Mother Media after facing her turning point last year during the pandemic working in a job she no longer felt aligned with. 

A self-confessed city woman who loved the heels, the power suits and the city buzz, Kate decided that she needed to make a huge shift. She swapped the heels for bare feet and moved to the beach to run her business Bad Mother Media and live a life she has designed.

In this episode, Kate opens up about where her entrepreneurial journey began, building her own brand, and working with amazing clients to write their personal and professional copy. 

She divulges her powerful moment interviewing Chris Hemsworth and the advice she gave him that would ultimately impact her own future.

This episode is packed with helpful tools that you can use to write your own copy and Kate was so generous with her knowledge. 

Don’t make your copy an afterthought. Think about what you want to say, and how to communicate it to the world to make an impact.

Topics Discussed

[1:49]: Kate Halfpenny explains the meaning behind the name of her business ‘Bad Mother Media’.  

[2:50]: There are no bad mothers, there are just mothers doing the best they can with what they have. 

[4:35]: Kate Halfpenny talks about how she felt she had to be all things to all people. She’d be up at 3am baking cupcakes for her children to take to school on top of everything.

[6:10]: Kate Halfpenny’s turning point was last year during the pandemic when she was considering her future. She was in a job that she hated and had to get out of. Within 10 days she and her husband sold their apartment in the city and moved to a house at the beach. 

[7:41]: Kate Halfpenny started her own business ‘Bad Mother Media’. She found inspiration from Powerful Steps and Tory Archbold as a guide to what she should and shouldn’t do. 

[9:58]: Kate Halfpenny’s mentor advised her to write down what she wants her life to look like. Now that she knew what she wanted her life to be, she could go get it. 

[11:37]: Kate Halfpenny switched from writing tabloid entertainment news, celebrities, beauty, and lifestyle to helping people rewrite their personal and business brands so they can shine. 

[12:06]: Tory Archbold shares when she was working with Kate Halfpenny to create a global brand. 

[12:49]: Your Linked In Bio or on your website is your first experience with your would-be clients. It’s very important that it resonates and catches their attention. There’s too much cookie-cutter copy on Linked In because people are afraid to stand out. 

[14:51]: Your imagery must reflect your bio. 

[15:36]: 3 biggest mistakes people make on a Linked In Biography. #1 Do not just put your job title. You need to explain what the job entails in detail. 

[16:56]: #2 Anecdotes count for much more than just listing achievements. 

[17:39]: #3 Have an authentic tone. 

[18:11]: When Kate Halfpenny was writing Tory Archbold’s bio she encouraged Tory to share a personal story. Tory included that she was a first time bride in her 40s. Tory received many DMs from women asking her about it and created connections.  

[19:30]: You’re selling yourself. It’s the little points of authenticity that people will remember. 

[20:12]: Kate Halfpenny was interviewing Chris Hemsworth and asked if he ever gets sick of the hustle in LA and he said he did want to move back to Australia and spend more time with his kids. Not long after Chris and Elsa move to Byron Bay. Kate felt if Chris can move his career from the epicentre of LA to Byron Bay, she could too. 

[22:55]: Kate Halfpenny felt that Eric Banner had the ‘It’ factor when she interviewed him when he was an up and coming comedian. If you have great confidence in what you do, people will be drawn to you.