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Women are demanding authenticity and brands aren’t listening with Jackie Frank

Tory Archbold Interviewing Jackie Frank

I’m delighted to be speaking today with the incredibly powerful and fearless leader, one of Australia’s most experienced media executives, Jackie Frank. 


Jackie is the inaugural editor of Australian Marie Claire and for 20 years was the General Manager of Pacific Magazines overseeing the fashion, beauty, health, and custom sections for one of the country’s largest publishing divisions.  


With a long track record of building, developing, and maintaining brands, Jackie is now the founder of the Be Frank Group, where she consults with several local and international organisations on brand development. Be Frank Group is an innovation studio with an unashamedly female focus, connecting brands to the female consumer through initiatives and campaigns. 


In this episode, I ask Jackie why she believes women are the most powerful market and how they drive the economy through direct buying power and influence. We talk about what women really want and why we are demanding authenticity and genuine connection from brands. Jackie shares why the veil of perfection must be lifted in order to gain brand loyalty from women.


We talk about how the landscape has changed since covid, why brands need to be having meaningful conversations with women, and Jackie shares what she hopes to see as the future unfolds. 

Jackie has been at the top of her game for over three decades and I’m excited to share the power of her learnings as a woman in a key leadership role in the Australian media landscape. I hope this episode gives you powerful insight to reconsider the way you market your brand both personally and professionally.

Topics Discussed

[1:50]: Women are the most powerful market in our economy. They drive the economy through direct buying power and influence. Women are the gatekeeper to everyone else, the original influencers. 

[3:00]: When a brand meets the needs of a woman, she becomes loyal and shares it with everyone in her influence. 

[3:35]: Victoria Secret was massive but they forgot who they were talking to and lost their way. 

The Dove campaign was brilliant in how they embraced the diversity of every woman. 

[5:00]: Authenticity is the thing that really stands out. It’s about talking with women, not to them. Women are changing the conversation and social media has revolutionised the whole narrative. 

[6:30]: The veil of perfection has been lifted. When you do that, you’ll get a greater connection. Women are demanding brands to be authentic. They will buy with purpose and because it means something. 

[8:30]: Brands aren’t going to get the same engagement prior to covid if they’re doing the same thing. They need to know their “why” and they will fall flat if they use influencers without the same value system.

[9:45]: It’s not about big numbers for influencers, it’s about aligning with mico influencers with shared value systems to build a community. 

[10:30]: Jackie talks about when she left Pacific Magazines after 20 years and how she knew it was time to get outside her comfort zone. 

[12:10]: Many women in the Powerful Steps community are taking steps to get outside their comfort zone too. Your skillset isn’t dead when you leave your previous position – it’s transferrable. 

[13:20]: Women are their own worst enemies. A lot of women hold themselves back and need to hone their skills and transfer them. 

[14:45]: Women are more likely to support brands that are supportive of gender equality. 

[15:45]: A lot of brands are realising they need to take care of their customers but it can seem a little late. Brands need to concentrate on how they make a person feel in an authentic way across all platforms. Storytelling has never been more important. 

[17:45]: Jackie would love to see in the future that equality isn’t even a conversation anymore because it’s the only path. She also talks about having a greater work/life balance due to non-gender-specific roles and flexibility within the workplace.  

[20:55]: The more we support each other, the stronger it’s going to be.


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