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Harnessing the power of solo parenting with Jacinta Tynan

Tory Archbold Interviewing Jacinta Tynan

Today I’m chatting with the incredible Jacinta Tynan, best-selling author, journalist, life coach, speaker, mother of two, and my beautiful friend. We shared an exceptionally powerful conversation about single mothers rising up and standing in their power, a topic very close to my heart.

Jacinta recently published her fifth book, The Single Mother’s Social Club, which shares inspiration and advice on embracing single parenthood. In this episode, Jacinta and I talk about how single parenting doesn’t have to be the end, but that it’s an incredible opportunity to grow and evolve into the person you truly want to be.

We talk about the stigma of single motherhood, the social exclusion and judgment that comes along with this and Jacinta shares her advice for how to stand in your power, embrace your situation and make single motherhood an incredible experience.  

Jacinta talks about the importance of having self-care and spiritual practices such as meditation to ground yourself throughout challenging times. I share how my daily shower and nighttime rituals have helped me tap into my intuition and have a happy heart, which is a magnet for miracles. 

Both Jacinta and I know the challenges and heartache associated with single motherhood. We also know the incredible joys, triumphs, blessings, and opportunities it can bring. Whatever your situation, see the gift in it. 

What challenge could you turn into an opportunity today?

Topics Discussed

[1:00]: A woman rising is a woman being her authentic self. Arriving at single parenting means you have been through the fire, where you either choose to give up or surrender to what is. 

[2:00]: A universal theme for single mothers is the feeling of social exclusion. The idea of Jacinta’s book was to help women know they are not alone.

[4:15]: The stigma of single motherhood is still present in today’s society, which goes hand in hand with judgment. Jacinta talks about being proud of your story – just because you don’t have two adults in the house, doesn’t mean you’re not doing life right. 

[7:00]: For people who aren’t single parents, don’t judge. Be there as support and look out for the people around you. They can’t do it alone. 

[8:00]: Tory talks about owning your story and owning your power. There is no shame in single motherhood. Own it and find your tribe who will be there for you unconditionally. 

[9:30]: Single mothers know that life has fallen apart in some way so they’ve had to dig deep. There are so many upsides because you have an opportunity to be who you’ve always wanted to be. 

[10:45]: Jacinta talks about the response to her book and how many people have been impacted

[12:00]: When you go through something tough, you’re forced to look within. Jacinta looks to a higher power and her spirituality is thread throughout the book. 

[13:00]: It’s important to have some kind of spiritual practice. Jacinta recommends some kind of practice to get still and check in with your truth. We often don’t want to face reality so we hide it with busyness. 

[15:20]: Women need a revolution in honouring their stillness and self care. Self care is taking the time to tune in to your inner self to connect with your soul’s purpose. 

[17:20]: Tory talks about her shower meditation to anchor herself and her night time routine to think about what she’s grateful for. 

[18:50]: Your kids are watching what you’re doing and will benefit from everything you do. It doesn’t mean that you’re getting it all right. You will stuff up but if you own it, you’re modeling to your kids some amazing lessons for their future.