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Building Powerful Global Connections with Parlour X Founder Eva Galambos

Tory Archbold Interviewing Eva Galambos

Have you ever seen models strutting down the runway in the most exquisite and exciting outfits and wondered ‘where can I buy that?’. We can feel a very long way from the international runway shows in Paris, Milan, London and New York which feature what global leaders, celebrities and influencers are going to wear for the season. 


This doesn’t mean we miss out on the opportunity to purchase from the runway thanks to one amazing fashion buying pioneer. 


In today’s episode I am chatting with long term friend, colleague and global trailblazer Eva Galambos, the founder of Parlour X. Her studio is in the iconic St John’s Church in Paddington, Sydney and stocks unique clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery and accessories made by designers from all over the world. 


We talk about Eva’s strong passion for fostering a creative desire and a social justice inquisitive nature in her children when viewing privilege and injustice. 


Eva speaks so openly about the potential in the industry to include political messaging in the form of art and fashion and how the genre has begun changing and developing a new perspective since Covid. 


Over the past twenty years since Parlour X began, Eva has built a devoted following by providing a one-of-a-kind shopping experience inside of a 200-year-old church that is unlike any other retail location in the world. 


From the moment you walk through the doors, your mind and body relax in the light from the stained glass windows and your inspiration grows from the incredible fashion on display. 


Her friendly staff greet you warmly and have the most remarkable talent for finding spectacular pieces to suit your exact body type and personality. 


Eva has given all of her employees on the floor extensive training to ensure that every single client has an amazing, second to none, shopping experience. 


Over the past two decades, Eva has built a legacy in the retail industry through her passion and dedication to her clients, and by creating the most groundbreaking designer collection available in Australia. 


Check out her website to see the phenomenal list of the most influential designers and collections she has curated from all over the globe. Trust me, you’ll be entranced by the incredible body of work and inspired to adopt an extraordinary new piece into your wardrobe.

Topics Discussed

[2:00]: Eva Galambos shares the background of Parlour X, where the idea came from, and how she fostered relationships throughout her career. 

[4:41]: Eva Galambos presents unique designs in her studio. Vivienne Westwood’s style resonated with Eva and was the first person she contacted for Parlour X. 

[6:43]: Eva Galambos wants her children to have a creative desire, understand why creativity is so important, and develop a deeper understanding of life and privilege and ask important questions. 

[8:21]: The most powerful conversation she had with her children was when they travelled to Paris and discussed the increase in homelessness and how lucky we are in Australia. 

[10:42]: The staff at Parlour X do extensive training to learn what styles will look good on everybody and suit each personality. 

[12:50]: Parlour X has the best customer service resulting from such incredible training and having such a detailed understanding of the products. 

[14:08]: Viewing the fashion industry with a critical lens has led Eva Galambos to question the purpose and resulted in a roadblock. However, since COVID, there have been positive changes and led her to develop a new perspective of the future of the industry and Parlour X. 

[16:03]: Eva Galambos shares what we can expect in the future of Parlour X. Shifting to an online business in lockdown has invigorated her business and created excitement in operating both brick and mortar and digital aspects. 

[18:21]: Parlour X ships unique pieces overseas to worldwide customers.


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