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Juggling family life and business during lockdown

Tory Archbold Interviewing Her Husband Craig and Daughter Bella

I am coming to you from lockdown and I know that the struggle of juggling family life and your business is real. Don’t worry – you’re not the only family who argues over wifi!

In today’s episode, I am sharing with you a personal insight into my family and how we are all coping during lockdown. In a conversation with my daughter and husband, we are discussing how our businesses and schooling has been affected by lockdown and the routines that we have instigated for a positive mindset to make the most out of it. 

When I initially set up Powerful Steps, I created it to be all about human connection. And then Covid hit! So I had to do some quick thinking and managed to come up with a game plan to pivot my business within 48 hours to become a virtual connection business. I absolutely love checking in on my clients through the coffee challenge and hearing from everyone everyday. 

As a family, we love connecting with friends, family, colleagues and clients so staying at home can be a challenge. It has also been a big test for our family wifi! But I want to say that it’s not all bad. We have been absolutely blessed with having our two children home from boarding school and back in the house together. 

I really encourage you to think about incorporating any of these rituals into your day to ground you, prepare for each day, plan your business communications, and connect with your family and colleagues.

Topics Discussed

2:20]: I share with you the ritual that sets me up for success every day. 

[3:39]: I reflect on the great things that happened to me today and to everyone in my Powerful Steps community. 

[5:27]: I pivoted my business into a virtual connection business due to Covid. During lockdown I have been having up to 20 coffee dates a week. These consist of 15 minute short bursts to check in with people and allow for a connection with me. 

[6:20]: I am also hosting a ‘Fuck up and be fabulous’ every second Friday for women all around the world. If you are interested in becoming more visible in a virtual world during lockdown, subscribe to my newsletter on my website and you will receive all of the information. 

[10:00]: My daughter, Isabella Jane Archbold, shares with us her routine and mindset during lockdown. 

[13:00]: Connecting to the earth, being still, journaling and meditation really helped Isabella connect with how she is feeling. 

[14:48]: Today is the last day of term for year 11 and she begins year 12 next term. She is starting the last chapter of her schooling career. 

[16:08]: Isabella manifested to become the head of event management which she achieved, along with the head of her house. I am so proud of her. 

[16:50]: Isabella is most looking forward to giving her friends a massive hug and being back in the boarding house. She will hopefully be able to celebrate her upcoming birthday with her friends and family. 

[17:51]: My husband, Craig, shares his routine in lockdown and going for a walk together each morning to talk and plan our day. 

[19:28]: Craig shares his experience of having someone come into his workplace and give the analogy of trying to hold a lead ball, a rubber ball and a glass ball. 

[21:17]: Craig discusses how he leads and connects his team virtually in lockdown. 

[25:58]: We have a group text in our family to communicate easily while we are all busy in lockdown. 

[27:03]: Craig is most looking forward to reconnecting with friends and colleagues, and sitting in a restaurant and having a meal he hasn’t cooked.