Monthly Mastermind

Starting a global business takes guts, just the same as working in a high performing corporate role - it helps to have a partner who believes in the power of you. This year I am bringing my global expertise to the next generation of entrepreneurial women who want to step into their true power and potential and transform their dreams into reality.
On the first Wednesday and second Sunday of each month I will be hosting a Masterclass + Dream Delivery Meditation which will deliver extraordinary results for your personal brand and business.

Your commitment?  Bring your A-Game to the group, be prepared to expand you network and build powerful connections by committing to the #coffeechallenge + learn the art of manifesting your intent + purpose in a monthly Dream Delivery meditation using my proven methods to attract what you truly deserve.

Dream Delivery 

I’m a strong believer in the power of intent and purpose, which can be fused to manifest the desired outcome. I have used this skill to build two global businesses and attract my soulmate.

If you need clarity to take the powerful steps, you need to make your dream a reality, you’ll love my monthly dream delivery guided meditation.

This simple meditation—that I have used for years to manifest and actively create success—has proven to be life-changing for many participants, who leave with an understanding of how to step into their future selves and create the space to bring in new life opportunities.

Commit to 3 Coffee Dates a week to grow your global network 

You’ll get my unique formula for building a global network and attracting the right connections—plus a weekly invitation to join my tribe and listen to special guests talk about what it takes to step into your true power and potential.

My unique formula for building a global network is to commit to three coffee dates a week.  This mastermind will enable you to be accountable for this action + attract like-minded professional into your network leading to an abundance of opportunities to grow your business and personal brand.

The commitment is simple:

One within your network

Who is the most valuable person in your network that you can connect with to take your next powerful step? Connect to share ideas, collaborate and partner.

One with a potential partner

Reach out through professional connections to potential partners. Be creative; your potential partner might come from a surprising place. A coffee date at Bambini Trust, Sydney is how I launched a successful brand partnership with Business Australia.

One outside of your comfort zone

It’s time to be brave. Pick up the phone. Leverage email, LinkedIn, or request an introduction from a mutual contact (this gives you credibility). It’s how authentic professional connections are made. A coffee date in LA with an agency partner is how I connected to Drew Barrymore to launch her Flower Beauty brand in Australia.
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