Business Mentoring Program

For over 20 years, I’ve guided some of the world’s most successful brands, CEOs and entrepreneurs delivering extraordinary results.

I launched them into new markets, quadrupled their profit and set them up for $100 million dollar acquisition deals. My business has and always will be referral based.

In life if you have valuable knowledge, let another light their candle in it which is why I mentor those who are prepared to take a powerful step forward to attract what they truly deserve.

It’s likely I have been exactly where and how you’re feeling today.  I was you once, searching for the right mentor to guide me to the the next level professionally and personally.

To me, mentoring another is giving them the confidence to own their own power.

As I always say to my clients – my success is your success.

Much love,

Tory x

Are you ready to work with Australia’s top mindset mentor to build a powerful business with the right clients?

The Business Mentoring program is our most specialised, intense arm. Only for those with the courage to invest totally in themselves and their future, it shows you how to tap into the same structure, foundations and digital footprints as global brands to create huge success and a great life.

It’s a rare opportunity to work one on one with me and have incredible, intimate access to the strategies and secrets I’ve learned in 20 years as the CEO of my own global businesses. 

No group workshops. No webinars. All attention totally on you.

I used to work with the world’s most powerful brands to shape their stories and deliver unprecedented growth that saw them sell for $100 million. I raised visibility and made reputations and fortunes for Fortune 100 CEOs and stars.

Now my passion is sharing everything I learned in that world with small business owners so they can build their own powerful brands and invest in their next journey of abundance, attracting the right clients and aligning with their values.

As your mentor, I teach you how to be the CEO in work and life.

How to anchor your business with foundational structures so you’re not up at night questioning if something will work.

How to use your unique story to attract the right clients.

Since launching Powerful Steps in 2019, I’ve helped hundreds of clients including Telstra Business Award winners, CEOs, C Suite executives and celebrity entrepreneurs build powerful business brands by understanding:

  • Their direction
  • The turnover they want
  • Their message and brand 
  • Their strategy
  • Their audience
  • Their challenges 

I teach that if you value yourself, others do too—then you can double and triple your prices. (Promise.) I guide stale businesses through a rebrand, connect them to trusted collaborators—copywriters, creatives and growth specialists—to build powerful platforms. I position them as industry leaders with the confidence to pitch their own story and secure media to build a powerful digital footprint (goodbye, paid Google search.)

Remember, only those who really believe in themselves and their businesses will cut it. They’re the people I accept as mentoring clients. Because with me as your mentor, things get real. Fast. You need to be ready. 

Want to know more?

Is it time to invest in building a powerful business and brand so that abundance flows naturally?

In 1:1 sessions with Tory Archbold, the Powerful Steps Business Mentoring program lets you design your own success adventure: choose from a three or six month branding program, six session package or success booster. You’ll learn:

How to own your story and power

The world’s best brands are authentic and aligned to their truth. Think Zara vs Topshop. Zara made billions in 2021, Topshop closed down. Nobody else owns your story. It’s priceless. It’s your why. It needs to be shared. 

How to build a strong foundation

Brand identity and customer experience decide whether your brand lives or dies. My team and I will guide you to build a powerful website that talks to your customer with the right copy, creative and CRM sequences.

Map out the customer journey

Customers need a touchpoint with you. Together, we’ll identify what that looks like, so the customer has a clear reason to stay in love with you, to keep following you. We’ll show them not just the why, but the how.

Map out your digital footprint

Yes—your most important business asset. That means an outstanding website, social media messaging across all platforms, CRM experience and strategies to self-manage with the right systems and people.

 Skill up at life

You need life skills as well as business. I’m all about rituals which propel you forward—ending your day with gratitude so you have a restful sleep and wake with the right mindset and great energy. Trust me … they work.

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Meet Julie Hyde

Leadership, People and Culture Expert, Keynote speaker Author, Podcaster

After working with Tory, everything changed.

My stand out brand is attracting the right clients.

I increased my LinkedIn connections (+1k in 7 months), following and engagement.

I converted clients from LinkedIn.

Messaging and imagery is now right on brand and attracts loads of positive feedback.

My new signature business program has rave reviews, has realigned my purpose to attract clients that value how I work.

Podcast listenership doubled and I have appeared on other podcasts as a guest. As for me—I have more confidence, thanks to stepping way outside my comfort zone. I’ve connected with amazing people.

Tory’s unwavering support and push in the right direction is invaluable.

Meet Sonia Bestulic

Entrepreneur, Author, Speech Pathologist, Podcaster

What was your mission at the outset when Tory started mentoring you?

To build my personal brand and communication strategy. I was evolving in life, both personally and professionally, and as an entrepreneur, I have a lot of various activities on the go; so needed clear action steps and accountability from a mentor.

How successfully has that been achieved and where are you at now?

It has been an amazing journey with extraordinary success; at a variety of levels. 

Now I have:

  • A complete rebrand, and consistency across all my websites and platforms.
  • A strong online presence, communication, interaction, and engagement; that has allowed people to get to know who I am and what I am about while retaining my authenticity. 
  • Brand equity; that has not only allowed me to confidently reach out to potential partners; it has also attracted various collaborations and partnerships with scope for wide ranging opportunities. 
  • A constantly building and growing support network and community of like- minded individuals. 
  • A book for mums that sold out of its first print run, 7 weeks out from its release!

Which three key mindset switches did Tory support you with?

  1. The notion that: If you want others to invest in you, you have to invest in yourself.
  2. Understanding the extent of my worth; and the power of brand equity. 
  3. Exit comfort zone. Enter power zone.

How did what Tory offered differ to other support you may have had in the past?

Tory has a super quick, decisive, hands on approach, and gets things done. She also generously draws upon her own network then and there to seek more information, ask a question – achieve an outcome. Her very holistic approach; means progress and growth is guaranteed.

Did you receive value for money/time spent and would you recommend Tory to others looking to attract new business in 2021?

Tory is known to deliver results. She goes above and beyond in all sessions. I would certainly recommend Tory; her authentic way of working together with you, and her knowledge and breadth of experience are a winning combination. 

Share a short anecdote about something Tory said or did that particularly resonated with you.

Tory shares her story about building her powerful company, Torstar; based primarily on impenetrable self-belief; without the external tools; such as money, industry contacts etc. This particularly resonated with me; as I too have achieved various goals in life, and know I will continue to do so, using the fuel and foundation of self-belief.

What is your major takeaway?

Connect, communicate, be visible, be you.

How confident are you feeling moving into the year with strategies learned at Powerful Steps?

I feel I am at a new level of personal empowerment, connection, and support.

What is Tory’s one particular strength when it comes to mentoring?

Her ability to ‘meet you’ where you are at in life and make the impossible seem possible, and the intangible, become tangible.

Meet Erica King

CEO; Entrepreneur; Mentor; Game Changer

What is your background?

30 years of business consulting, ownership & management
Specialist in organizational psychology & development of human potential
Successfully increased client profit by a minimum of $420,000 per year
Worked with 585 small businesses nationally
Owned & managed 12 businesses
Run 31 marathons around the world
Developed an online community of 250,000

What did you want to change about your life and why?

After selling all of my businesses 4.5 years ago I thought that I was ready for full time retirement. But there are only so many lunches & trips that you can do in any one lifetime. So I was bored, feeling lost and looking to find a new purpose for the last phase of my life

Why did you come to Tory?

After watching a webinar presentation from Tory I thought that it would be worthwhile seeing what she could do to help me find myself again. I had the idea of starting a global sneaker business with zero background in either fashion or manufacturing. It seemed like a great idea at the time but Tory & I now laugh about this initial discussion. Turns out that this was the worst idea ever but all was not lost.

What advice were you given, and where has it taken you to today?

After coming to ‘my senses’ Tory helped me to see that I have significant potential to develop a new business using my strengths of business development for increased profitability. That is how my new business called Life Lessons Erica King has come to fruition. This is a very exciting & fulfilling new project which is the last phase of brilliance in my life.
I truly did not believe that I had another business in me. But here we are & moving quickly to launching. Tory has and continues to work with me every step of the process. I mean every step. No detail is left out. I feel very blessed to be gaining the benefits of Tory’s extraordinary expertise & experience.

Meet Dr Kristy Goodwin

Speaker, Author, Researcher

I’m a digital wellbeing speaker, author and researcher, sharing brain-based hacks for peak-performance in a digital age. Tory helped me to think strategically about positioning myself as a global thought leader in the digital wellbeing space. She helped me to critically evaluate my online presence and optics.

Our sessions provided me with immense clarity over the tangible steps that I needed to take to be recognised as a thought leader.

I now have a clear roadmap for the actions that I need to take to elevate my brand and attract my ideal clients.

What is your background?

I’m a digital wellbeing speaker, author and researcher. I share brain-based hacks for peak-performance in a digital age. I was an academic, before becoming a speaker. For the past nine years I’ve spoken predominantly to parents, educators and health professionals about the impact of technology on children and adolescents’ physical health, mental wellbeing and learning, but in recent years I’ve started to research and speak about adults’ digital behaviours and how they’re impacting their productivity and wellbeing.

What did you want to change about your life and why?

I wanted to refine and elevate my brand, as I transition more towards speaking and consulting with corporate clients and audiences. I wanted to find smart, magnetic ways to share my message with a broader audience. I wanted to find optimal ways to position myself as a global thought leader and Tory’s business acumen, PR experience and understanding of energy was what attracted me to working with Tory.

Why did you come to Tory?

I needed clarity and strategic guidance when it comes to repositioning my brand and building connections and partnerships with corporate clients.

What advice were you given, and where has it taken you to today?

Tory has helped me to think strategically about positioning myself as a global thought leader in the digital wellbeing space. She has helped me to critically evaluate my online presence and optics. Our sessions provided me with immense clarity over the tangible steps that I needed to take to be recognised as a thought leader. I now have a clear roadmap for the actions that I need to take to elevate my brand and attract ideal clients in an aligned fashion.

Brands I’ve worked with

Inspirational and empowering.

Caroline SelkaBelle Property