Monthly Masterclass + Meditation Membership

For over 20 years I’ve guided some of the world’s most successful brands, CEOs and entrepreneurs.

Now it’s your turn to star on the global stage with a fabulous double shot of ‘money can’t buy’ expertise—for the cost of what you spend each month on coffees to build your own global community and lean into my tribe.

This women-only membership connects twice a month for a masterclass to empower your business and personal brand + a guided meditation to ensure you step into each day inspired and empowered to reach for the stars professionally and personally.

Monthly Membership Mastermind

Which routines and self-care rituals do you regularly invest in—a couple of great coffees a day, Pilates classes, skincare? You know what they are. They’re not treats you ‘deserve’, but vital personal touchstones that energise, refresh and make you feel great. Now my invitation is you invest what you spend on those important things on something even more powerful and tangible – my Monthly Membership Mastermind program.

For $150 a month, your self-care investment regimen includes an exclusive masterclass and guided meditation, hosted by me. Together, they give you all the tools you need to get extraordinary results for your personal brand and business.

In the Masterclass, I’ll share the secrets I used to build a global business in my twenties. You’ll meet like-minded female entrepreneurs, and learn the step-by-step strategies to building a powerful global network, having a stand-out brand, connecting with ideal clients and forming meaningful partnerships.

I’ve learned only ever to work with people I’m in flow with, so before you make the commitment and investment in yourself, know you have to be someone who always brings their A-game and is prepared to expand your network with consistency.

Are you ready to attract what and who you truly deserve for the same price as Friday night cocktails? Do you want to know the daily rituals that will rocket you and your brand? Then I’d love to work with you in this empowering – and fun -program.

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Dream Delivery Meditation

Ten years ago, my life changed when a monk in Thailand slapped me down when I said I was too busy to meditate: “No excuses Tory. You can never be too busy for yourself.” He taught me a special daily shower ritual—I can share it with you when we meet—and inspired me to meditate.

What I get from meditation is the clarity that underpins my weeks and entire life. It’s about knowing the best way to handle a jam-packed external world is through inner calm—and I’m not talking woo-woo stuff that is fashionable but doesn’t change anything.

Once a month, on a Sunday morning, I’ll guide you through the same meditation I have used for years, the one that gives you an understanding of where you are today so you can propel yourself forward to where you want to be tomorrow.

It’s a proven technique that is about visualisation and manifesting your intent and purpose. It’s about knowing how to stop in a busy world and reset so you step into a new week in the best possible place.

Come and share it with me. BYO favourite candle!

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Inspirational and empowering.

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