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“Every woman who has invested in herself has seen a 3X increase of opportunities landing in her inbox per week.”

We are excited to partner with Fashion Alta Moda to provide exceptional styling will be shooting at a private residence in Surry Hills to bring your global brand to life.

Join us and become a powerful force in a virtual world.

Tory Archbold, CEO Powerful Steps

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How the Powerful Steps branding photoshoot works


Stylist Session

We have partnered with Fashion Alta Moda to provide you with two high-end garments to wear.  Pre-styling session at their studio a week prior to the shoot.



Then you create a mood board of images that reflect your ultimate personal brand.



We brief  our creative team on the expectations and the deliverables.


Shoot day

You turn up to the shoot, ready to create magic with Tory and her team.



Content is delivered to your inbox after the shoot, ready for you to use.  Includes two re-touched images plus a collection of 10 for your exclusive use.


Here’s what you can expect from our personal branding team:

1.5 hour

hair & makeup

1 hour

professional shoot


outfit changes throughout


photos of which 2 are retouched

Tory was interviewed by CEO Magazine February 2021 and these are her thoughts on how to stand out in a virtual world.

No matter your professional status, personal branding allows you to differentiate yourself by elevating your overall online image. Through understanding your audience, highlighting your core abilities and establishing your voice, you will ultimately advance your career to great heights.

“People on LinkedIn often have the same profile for 10 years, but we all know that in 10 years you could have grey hair and wrinkles, and have put on a few kilos,” Tory says. “It’s not just about having one head shot and forgetting about it. You have to see yourself as a brand.”

“If you’re the voice of a brand or a spokesperson of your own business, how you look at the camera and what your energy looks like is going to be the difference between someone saying they want to connect with you or not.”

Amplifying skills and tapping into one’s power allows for each business leader to put their best foot forward, opening themselves up for inspiring business connections they’d once only dreamed of.

“A lot of director-level women who lead teams come to me and we clean up their profile and they vibrate at a much higher level,” she says. “My clients have invested in learning something about themselves, but also by stepping into their power zone, they walk away feeling really confident and they actually want to show their talents to the world.”

Empowered Clients

Sarah Hogan

Marketing and Client Relations Director, MPA

Tory has an amazing ability to bring out the best in you. She gave me the confidence to step into my power and to lead with confidence and strength. There is no better time to reach your potential and be your best.

Philippa Aslanis

Executive Director Intimo Lingerie

Tory is superstar! A woman who has empowered and inspired me, connected me to my vision and passion, and has brought out the best in me to showcase my brand to the world.

I love working with Tory,  she’s a go getter, my biggest cheerleader and gets the results. The experience has been life changing.

Jane Villeneuve

Founder and Director of Narrative

Building a business can feel like heavy lifting, but Tory helped me get clarity and gain momentum when I recently launched Narrative.

She challenged me to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, cheering me on from the sidelines all the way.

Tory Archbold has always been skilled at helping others achieve their dreams as the powerhouse behind one of the country’s most successful PR companies.

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